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A product of the Baby Boomer generation, freezers went into mass production after the Second World War and were one of the many consumer products that gradually became a must-have for UK homes during the twentieth century. The ability to keep food stored almost indefinitely was nothing to be sniffed at back in the day, but in the age of iPhones and virtual reality it’s easy to take your freezer for granted- until it stops working, that is.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been fixing and supplying white goods for many years and there isn’t a fault we haven’t seen. Most of them are quite straightforward if you know what you’re doing, and since we aim to arrange a visit within 24 hours of the fault being reported, we’ll have your freezer freezing again in no time

Common issues

Sometimes you might be able to fix the problem yourself. Since this kind of appliance involves a relatively simple mechanism, there are only so many things that can go wrong.

If your freezer isn’t freezing stuff like it used to, make sure you haven’t packed too many items in there. Air needs to circulate around the compartment to a certain extent for the evaporator fan to work correctly.

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem, see if you can hear whether the appliance is humming away as usual. If it is, that indicates the compressor is still on.

The next step would be to check for frost buildup. On an automatic-defrost unit, you can’t see if the evaporator coils are frosted over, but if there’s frost buildup along the walls of the freezer compartment, it might indicate that the coils are choked with frost, which will restrict airflow and stop items freezing correctly. On a manual-defrost unit, you might see so much frost that it’s difficult to fit as much stuff in there as you used to. Defrosting a manual unit will probably solve this problem. With an auto-defrost unit, defrosting manually can help you diagnose the cause and may get things working again, but you’ll likely need a new part or two for a permanent fix.

Another common problem is if the door seal needs to be replaced, and you can work this out if you can feel cool air while running your hand against the edge of a closed freezer door. You might need to clean behind your freezer if you haven’t done so for years- sometimes the coils can become so dirty that it restricts airflow.

There’s a possibility that extremely hot weather or an extremely hot house can overheat your freezer, but this is a relatively uncommon problem (especially in Manchester). On the other hand, in extremely cold weather (which your unit might be exposed to if it’s in the garage) there might not be enough warm air for the system to work efficiently.

Blowing a gasket

Sometimes if your freezer won’t stop running it’s because you’ve got a leaky gasket. A good test for this is if you try putting a five pound note between the gasket and the frame of the freezer as you close the door. If it comes out without resistance, then you need a new door gasket.

If this happens, or you simply can’t identify the problem, give us a call. We can get hold of parts for almost any model you can think of, and we select only the best appliances for our stock. If your freezer is an older model it might be a good idea to invest in a new one. Modern fridge freezers are improving in efficiency all the time, so splashing out on a new one will save you money on your monthly electricity bill. As a family-run business we take pride in our reputation so we won’t give you the used car salesman routine. We’ll find the solution that suits your needs and you’ll be back to domestic bliss in no time! Get in touch for a fast, friendly freezer repairs service in Manchester.

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