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Welcome to Moston lane appliances. We have been established for 25 years and our success is due to a genuine commitment to excellent customer service and competitive prices.


Nobody is more reliable than us when it comes to appliance repairs.

just look at our Google Reviews. HOWEVER, if the world’s major population centers are suddenly hit by a contagious virus characterised by its sufferers developing a taste for human flesh, there’s a chance our phone lines might be busy. But fear not- here’s some useful advice from one prepper to another so you can continue to enjoy clean clothes while everyone else is shambling around covered in various bodily fluids and moaning about brains. No, this isn’t Friday night in the Printworks, this is the end of the world- so pay attention and keep your stupid jokes to yourself. Change the filters! At this stage we can only speculate on what the cause of this outbreak will be, but my money’s on the scientists forgetting to change the bloody filters at their state of the art weapons facility. Anyway, allow me to get off my proverbial high horse for a moment so I can tell you about some of the filters in your home. You probably have an exhaust hood above your kitchen stove. This can become clogged by grease over time, creating unhygienic conditions in your cooking area. Replacing these filters as recommended by the manufacturer will ensure your kitchen stays safe and healthy well in to the zompocalypse. One of my favourite filters has to be the one in your washing machine (or in any washing machine, really). If you’re getting an error message and you’ve never cleaned the filter before, it may well have a 2p coin stuck in it or a general build up of what we in the industry call ‘hair sludge.’ If you’re going to survive the end of days it’s time to stop being so squeamish and clean your filters. I’m looking at you, evil scientists. Keep stuff clean Cleaning your oven may seem like an arduous undertaking, but so is getting to the shops when everyone’s trying to eat you, so, err… just do it, OK?! A clean oven will break down less, saving you money, or- in the event that we’ve already returned to a bartering system by the time you’re reading this- saving you from having to swap all the weapons you spent ages sharpening in return for our services. We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates but as we’re likely to be the only white goods shop to survive this particular apocalyptic nightmare scenario (due to our commitment to forward planning), we can’t guarantee we won’t put our prices up. What were we talking about, again? Oh, yeah. ‘Keeping stuff clean’ also applies to other appliances, too. Here’s some advice from a previous blog about washing machines. Cleaning the lint screen on your dryer can help it to operate more efficiently, and the condenser coils in your refrigerator could also do with a bit of maintenance every now and then for the same reason. And finally, have fun with it, guys! Just kidding. Follow recommended maintenance guidelines Yeah, I said it. If you’re the type of person who immediately throws the instruction manual away when you get a new appliance (i.e. a human male), then good luck surviving a major zombie outbreak. You might think these things are unrelated, but that sort of recklessness only becomes amplified when you’re trying to fend off the armies of the undead, trust me. If you don’t have the original manual, visit the website of your appliance manufacturer- most manufacturers make their product support information freely available and downloadable in PDF format. For the do-it-yourselfer-prepper, most, if not all of the more standard maintenance requirements can be done assuming you have the proper tools required for the task. For everything else, you’ll have to hope we’re still alive (which we will be cos we’re great). In the particularly grave event that the power has gone out, nullifying all the advice in this blog (or your ability to even read it), then you’ll have to hope that the former workers (now zombies) at the local power station didn’t throw the instruction manual out. Oh, the eternal folly of man. Good luck out there.

– , May 2014